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René Auberjonois
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Odo, Sisko, Rom, and Quark

If you've ever been curious about aspects of René's life and career -- when and where he got his start as an actor, what sorts of things he learns from colleagues during the run of a show, how he came to be cast in various film, TV, or stage productions -- what better place to get some answers than from René himself?

Enjoy the following interviews (the synopsis describes just a few of the subjects covered in each conversation with René).

  • January 1996
    Interview in Q&A format; topics include Odo, the evolution of Odo's voice, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine plots, and making a living as an actor.
  • June 11, 1996
    Brief interview in The News-Times, featuring René's take on Odo's make-up and DS9 as the "middle child" of the Trek universe.
  • August 1996
    Another Q&A interview; topics include typecasting, the Odo/Kira relationship on DS9, Odo as a human, and whether René thinks of himself as a Method or technique actor.
  • Nostalgia - Panache
    1996 interview by Bill Harris, focusing mostly on the telefilm Panache but also touching on the history of film fencing, René's horsemanship skills, and working with people like Lee J. Cobb and Katharine Hepburn.
  • January 1997
    Interview in Q&A format, covering such topics as directing for TV, René's inability to answer "EST" questions ("what's the best... funniest... hardest...?"), and making a marriage work.
  • "Odo Shifts Shapes"
    1999 interview by M. E. Green, discussing the end of DS9, Odo as a tragic character, and the challenges of stage acting.
  • "Gepetto's Mad Professor"
    2000 interview by M. E. Green, includes conversation about René's role in the Disney telefilm and reminiscences about the final season of DS9.
  • Stargate SG1
    discussing René's work in the episode "The Other Side" and using a beard to help define a character.
  • "Enterprise Calls..."
    2002 interview by M. E. Green about working on the episode "Oasis".
  • Trek Nation
    Another version of the "Oasis" interview by M. E. Green.
  • February 2002
    TrekWeb also interviewed René about being on Enterprise.
  • November 2002
    Backstage interview by Talia Myres, discusses René's return to Broadway theatre in Dance of the Vampires, with photos of René getting into make-up for the show.
  • Germany, 2004
    This brief interview took place while René was in Germany for the Galileo 7.8 convention.
    (Die deutsche ▄berseztung finden Sie hier)
  • April 2005
    Audio interview conducted by Sam Downie, a certified Apple Solution Expert and Consultant. René talks about how he started using Macs, how he creates artwork on his computer, and his fascination with digital photography. (available as Podcast download, Mac or PC; running time approximately 20 minutes).
  • May 2, 2005
    The link to this audio interview with Chase Masterson on a wide-ranging variety of topics, from voice acting to charity fundraising in Trek fandom and much more, no longer works If anyone knows where to find it (in audio or print version), please let us know!.
  • January 2006
    Another fan club Q&A interview; topics include how René prepares for a role, Boston Legal, Love Letters, audiobooks, and how questions spark memories.
  • February 2006
    René speaks with TVGuide Online about working with William Shatner and other Boston Legal topics, including hints of what's in store for Paul Lewiston. (You may need to enter "Auberjonois" in the site's search box in order to get to the article.)
  • May 22, 2006
    René was interviewed by Shelly Brisbin, who runs a website and podcast celebrating Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, who she considers the greatest screen team in film history. Again, sadly, the original link no longer works. Shelly's shows featured news, film, book, and DVD reviews, and special features of interest to Tracy and Hepburn fans. René's interview was posted in two parts, podcasts 6.5.06 and 7.13.06, and was full of wonderful anecdotes about René's experience working with Miss Hepburn on Broadway in Coco. If anyone finds these programs, please write and let us know! (see contact info at the bottom of this page)
  • Spring 2006
    The website "" has an archive of interviews with dozens of interesting performers, including René, whose interview can be found by scrolling down toward the bottom of the page. The interviewer asks René about acting in a mask, his life and work experiences with John Houseman and Kate Hepburn, and whether René was ever tempted to use a stage name rather than "Auberjonois," among other topics.
  • March 2008
    Our most recent Q&A interview; topics include singing on Broadway, the Writer's Guild strike, choosing directors to work with, and whether you can, or should, teach someone to act "normal."
  • April 2008: Coco
    An article about a new production of the musical Coco includes a number of comments from René about his experience working in the original Broadway production with Kate Hepburn.
  • June 27, 2008: The Imaginary Invalid
    In this audio clip, National Public Radio's All Things Considered host Robert Siegal interviewes René about his rich and varied career.
  • May 14, 2009
    Interview at in which René talks about working on video games, performance capture, voice acting, and serialized storytelling.
  • Unscripted -- Aired February 22, 2010
    René looks back on his life and career in a casual, conversational interview for this VisionTV program. The show is also in the Unscripted archives, as four video segments, each about 5-and-a-half minutes long (#61 on the list). After you watch the first segment, if you don't see a link to the next part of the interview, you can find the other three segments by going to the "Gallery" section at the lower left side of the screen, selecting "Unscripted," and then finding Rene's name (in alphabetical order by first name) on the list of interview subjects to the right.
  • Radio New Zealand -- Sunday, April 4, 2010
    This half-hour interview, which took place while René was in Wellington for a convention, covers subjects such as early influences on René's career and the question of what might be his most memorable role as an actor. From "The Arts on Sunday" show with Lynn Freeman.
  • Adelaide, Australia -- Sunday, April 11, 2010
    While at the The Hub Productions convention in Adelaide, René and his friend Ethan Phillips were interviewed together by Eugenia and Gerri from the Women Talk Sci-Fi website. Approximately the first 15 minutes of the recording is an introduction of René and Ethan and the characters of Odo and Nelix; once the two men join in, the conversation is hilarious! You can listen online or download a podcast.
  • October 2010
    Before his appearance at a small con in Deggendorf, Germany, René answered questions about audiobook reading, plays, and dramatists whose work he appreciates.
  • Anderson Valley interview - January 31, 2011
    In this print interview for the "Anderson Valley Advertiser" online newspaper, serving several small communities in northern California, René speaks at length about his early life (growing up in rural New York and spending part of his high school years in London) and the winding path of his career, from his first experiences in regional theatre and on through roles in film, television, and on Broadway.
  • InDepth with René - October 1, 2013
    René discusses voice acting (on the occassion of the newest release of The Little Mermaid) and other aspects of his career in this printed transcript.
  • With The Little Mermaid cast - October 1, 2013
    Another printed interview prompted by The Little Mermaid DVD release, which includes comments from other cast members as well as René.
  • Nightshift - October 1, 2013
    In this radio program, René's interview doesn't begin until after a couple of other segments of music and conversation between the show's hosts. However, when his part eventually arrives the conversation is quite enjoyable!
  • At Home with Mr. House - November 2014
    This interview consists of questions collected from fans of the videogame Fallout: New Vegas, in which René voices one of the major characters in the game's storyline. In addition to talking about his experience with recording that character, René also discusses other aspects of his career, including his work on the movie M*A*S*H and his decision not to reprise the role of Father Mulcahy in the subsequent TV series.

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