Special Thanks

All Hail The Powers That Be…

Fans tend to be facetious about “TPTB”, but I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the creative souls at Paramount who brought us Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

For seven amazing years, they gave us outstanding entertainment, and a marvelous set of “toys” with which many webmasters and artists and fan-fic writers gleefully set out to play. They made us laugh, made us cry, sparked our imaginations, and roused our indignation. In the setting of a 23rd Century space station, they showed the problems and triumphs of our own little world, and taught us to celebrate diversity in all things.

Michael, Ira, René E., Ron, Robert, Peter, Hans, here is one fan who is forever grateful for your darkly lustrous vision.

Carolyn R. Fulton – Website creator,
René Auberjonois Internet Link