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Seeing René: Performances, Interviews, and More

Below is a selection of videos recommended by some of René’s fans. Some of the clips are of poor quality or get taken down after a short time for one reason or another, but many are interesting or amusing items, such as video shot by fans at conventions or excerpts from “making-of” documentaries.

If you discover that any of these links no longer work, please let Marguerite know. Also, if you have some favorite clips that you think should be included on the list, send the URLs to Marguerite and we’ll see about adding them to this page.

Short Films

Assorted Performance Clips


(For more interviews, including videos and audio or text only, check out our Interviews page.)

Making-of Sequences


There is some repetition among the following six clips from Armageddon, with some shot from different angles or including parts of different questions:

Music Video Montages

Odo and Kira

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine