Frequently Asked Questions

“How do you prounouce your name?”

Las Vegas 2013

René in Las Vegas, 2013

“How long did Odo’s make-up take?”
“Two and a half hours.”

“When will we see a DS9 movie?”
“Don’t hold your breath!”

“What’s your (favorite, best, worst, etc.)…”
“Boy, why are questions like that so hard? What’s your favorite role? What’s the strangest role? What’s the funniest thing that ever happened? Whenever there’s an “est” on the end of a question, or at the heart of a question, I feel like I’ve run into a brick wall and my mind goes totally blank. You know, it’s not… nothing is that simple, you can’t answer questions like that.” (read more in 1997 interview!)

“What have you been doing recently?”

“Explore our website ( and I think you’ll be able to find all the info you need!”