Benson Season 3

Season 3 (1981-1982)

Produced by Bob Colleary
Co-produced by Bob Dames & Bob Fraser

Guide to episodes, including episode number and title, production staff, guest cast, original air date, original episode descriptions, and additional commentary.

Benson and Clayton

Benson and Clayton

47. Benson’s Appointment
Directed by John Rich
Written by Norman Barasch, Bob Colleary
6 November 1981
Hilarity runs rampant when Governor Gatling enters an uproarious battle with a pompous state senator over who is going to become the next state budget director when the governor tosses Benson’s name into the ring, setting the stage for a confirmation hearing.

48. The Grass Ain’t Greener
Directed by John Rich
Written by Bob Fraser & Rob Dames
13 November 1981
In his first assignment as the state’s new budget director, Benson trades his chic pinstriped business suit for a bolder black and white–prison garb–to enter the penitentiary as an undercover prisoner to expose corruption.

49. Sit-In
Directed by John Rich
Written by Rich Reinhart
Guest star: Ivor Francis
27 November 1981
A chamber music group comically assaults Benson’s ears when they stage a musical sit-in at his office because their annual operating expenses are cut from the state budget; and Marcy is crestfallen when she thinks no one cares that it is her last day. In all the craziness of the day she starts to leave, only to find that her friends will truly miss her.

50. Double Exposure
Directed by John Rich
Written by Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman
4 December 1981
A wild comedy of errors erupts when Benson is recruited by the FBI in a scheme to trap a lobbyist suspected of bribing federal officials.

51. The Lobbyist
Directed by John Rich
Written by Bob Fraser, Rob Dames,
Chip Keyes & Doug Keyes
11 December 1981
Benson offers his resignation after being accused of favoritism because his girlfriend turns out to be a lobbyist for a real estate project the state legislature is considering. Conflict of interest in government affairs is a no-no.

52. Stress
Directed by John Rich
Written by Bob Fraser, Rob Dames, Michael J. Weithorn
Story editor: Rich Reinhart
18 December 1981
Petty problems pile up at the governor’s mansion, and the governor decides to hold a marathon encounter session to ease the tensions.

53. Rainbow’s End
Directed by John Rich
Written by Russ Woody
Story editor: Rich Reinhart
25 December 1981
Benson faces a dilemma when his former girlfriend comes to town intent upon rekindling their romance–although he hasn’t seen her for 20 years. Times have changed and so have people. She is in a wheelchair, which leads to awkward feelings. On another page, at the mansion, Clayton’s birthday sparks uproarious confusion.

56. Once in a Blue Moon
Directed by John Rich
Written by Bob Fraser, Rob Dames
8 January 1982
After Clayton is mugged and a slightly daffy woman wanders into the mansion and walks directly up to the governor, the security chief takes measures that create a comically congested situation.

55. Kraus Falls in Love
Directed by John Rich
Written by Korby Siamis
15 January 1982
Kraus learns about love when she falls for a man who is married. Yes, he’s suave and debonair but how will Benson and the rest of the staff let her know she is being deceived without breaking her heart?

56. Stocks & Options
Directed by John Rich
22 January 1982
When Benson accepts some stock from Pete as a debt payment, others follow suit. What a mistake!

57. Kraus’s Deadly Mistake
Directed by John Rich
Written by Rich Reinhart
Story editor: Rich Reinhart
5 February 1982
Kraus decides to try the wild side of life in the mistaken belief that she only has six months to live; Pete cons Benson into managing his personal finances; and Benson slashes Clayton’s precious interstate train proposal.

58. Sweet Irish Rose
Directed by John Rich
Written by Bob Fraser & Rob Dames
12 February 1982
The former governor Mulligan pays his successor a visit. He introduces his extremely attractive niece Rose to the astonished present governor. Clayton is swept off his feet by her beauty. He immediately tries to ingratiate himself with her. Gov. Gatling falls in love with her as well, and seeks Benson’s advice on how to make the best impression on his intended.

59. Street Gangs
Directed by John Rich
Written by David Langston
19 February 1982
Benson tries to help a street gang stay out of trouble by trying to bid for a job in the city which requires a government contract. Benson, Clayton and Governor Gatling conduct a business at a wild dinner hosted by a street gang that has a formed a maintenance company and wants a contract with the state.

60. Katie’s Romance
Directed by Linda Day
Written by David Langston Smyrl
26 February 1982
After accompanying Pete to a gymnastics meet, Katie fancies herself in love with him. This is a story of puppy love and how to let your boss’s daughter down easy. Can Pete handle the task?

61. Clayton’s Condo
Directed by John Rich
Written by: Rich Reinhart
5 March 1982
Clayton ends up buying into an apartment building and at the same time Benson tries to get the landlord to fix the problems in his apartment. Benson also learns that the apartment complex that he lives in is the apartment building Clayton just bought, so when Benson asks Clayton what he should do to take measures against a landlord, Clayton gives Benson the ammunition that he would soon turn against his new landlord. Suddenly, Benson and Clayton threaten each other with lawsuits and, when Clayton decides to tear down the building, he learns that the complex is historical and comes to terms with the fact that Benson and the tenants won and that it would be a goldmine to keep the complex running.

62. Getting Even
Directed by John Rich
Written by Ralph Phillips
12 March 1982
Benson and the governor concoct a wild scheme to rescue Denise from an unscrupulous investor seeking her favors before his family approves plans for a state industrial park. Benson steps in by pretending that Denise was murdered by the man himself and a big “witness” act is brought up which eventually puts fear into the man.

63. Pete the Hero
Directed by John Rich
Story by Russ Woody
Teleplay by Bob Fraser & Rob Dames
19 March 1982
Benson scrambles to reverse his fortunes after the governor’s PR man, Pete, borrows his gleaming new car, then transforms it into crumpled metal by ramming a fleeing robber’s van. Everything looks great for Pete because of his good deed, but nothing looks good for Benson who is not only out of a car, but whose insurance will not even pay for the damages. Finally, it’s up to Pete, Benson, and a televised conference which may give Benson a chance to broadcast his way into coverage for his totaled car.

64. In The Red
Directed by John Rich
Written by Bob Fraser & Rob Dames
26 March 1982
The IRS orders Benson to show up for a dreaded tax audit, but all his receipts have been accidentally destroyed, and the governor’s staff thinks romance is afoot when they overhear Governor Gatling and Denise discussing plans to buy a house.

65. Teed Off
Directed by John Rich.
Written by Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman
2 April 1982
The governor and Pete take on Benson and Clayton in an outrageous round at the state golf tourney, and Kraus sets her sights on becoming the first woman president of her bowling league.

66. The Party’s Over
Directed by John Rich
30 April 1982
Benson’s life becomes complicated when the governor’s party refuses to support his nomination for a second term, instead offering him and ambassador’s post–in Iceland.

67. The Lumber Mill
Directed by John Rich
Written by Kathy Speer, Terry Grossman
7 May 1982
Benson and the governor discover that there’s more than one way to fell a tree after Gatling packs up his family and staff and moves them to his lumber mill in the country to plan for the upcoming election. After visiting his lumber mill, the governor decides to run for re-election as an independent on Clayton’s recommendation.

68. Black Tuesday
Directed by John Rich
Written by Bob Fraser & Rob Dames
14 May 1982
The results are amazing when the election that determines whether Benson will have a job ends in a three-way tie, and it seems that Gov. Gatling’s campaign has ended in defeat. The governor’s campaign comes to a hectic close, and the election results show he has lost.