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A question from H. Webb:

Do you play the piano?

Sadly, no, I don’t play any musical instrument – especially not the bagpipes.
Posted here April 2, 2017

A question from Christine:

Have a couple of questions that are too complicated for Twitter. First, how old were you when your family got their first TV set? (Assuming they did. I’ve heard my dad’s stories about his.) It must’ve been quite a thrill for an aspiring young actor to be able to see shows instead of just hearing them on radio!

Second, you’ve mentioned that both of your parents were writers in the ’50s. What did your mother write?

I think I was about 12 or 13 when we first got our own TV – although neighbors were ahead of us and I was able to watch The Lone Ranger on Wednesday nights.

The truth is, I loved listening to shows on the radio as much as I enjoyed seeing them on TV.

My mother wrote briefly for The Voice of America and she wrote articles for The Toledo Blade.

Best –
rené a.
Posted here July 25, 2015

A question from Laraine:

I remember first seeing your name in a book about childbirth, or perhaps more specifically, Lamaze. I’m pretty sure the photos were of you and your wife, however I can’t seem to locate any mention of you with regard to that book. At the time, I tried, in vain, to teach my husband how to pronounce your name! I remember seeing you years later in something or other on TV and pointing you out to my husband. Perhaps because we were (I was) pregnant with our first child at the time we became familiar with you via that book, we have always taken an interest when seeing you on screen. We’re huge fans of the Star Trek franchise, so we were quite delighted to see you on DS9. Anyway, if you remember the name of the book, I would appreciate your telling me. I would love to acquire another copy of it.

Hi Laraine –

So  nice that remember that sweet book, Moving Through Pregnancy by Elizabeth Bing. It was very popular – so popular that they did a new version with a young couple – our child-bearing days were done. So if you look for it, you have to be sure it’s the first edition.

All the best –
rené a.
Posted here July 25, 2015

A question from Christine:

Longtime fan here (since the original Benson era); I’ve enjoyed watching you perform in a wide variety of roles over the years.

I’m a little curious about your son’s name. It’s a nice, distinctive French name, but did you ever worry that Rémy might have a problem with it while growing up, as you did with Réne? (I’m sure your brother was glad to be named Michael instead of Michel!)

Hi Christine –

By the time we named our son Rémy it wasn’t quite as strange to have an exotic name. What I didn’t anticipate was the fact that people would confuse us…when he’s acting in New York and people see me here in LA they often say : “Hey! I thought you were working in NY!”

Ya just can’t win.

All the best –
rené a.
Posted here July 25, 2015

A question from Andrea:

It’s a virtual pleasure to write you! Just a question about your background. Since your mother’s surname is Murat, are you descended from the same Murat from the French Revolution that got killed in his bathtub? Like that famous painting. Or maybe it’s a different name…but it sounds so similar! Either way, I’m sure you had ancestors involved in the French Revolution someway, somehow. I appreciate your time for this silly inquiry!

Hi Andrea-
Your thinking of Marat… my great, great, something or other grandfather was Joachim Murat, married to Caroline, Napoleon’s sister. He was one of Napoleon’s Generals and became King of Naples. By all reports he was a bit of an idiot.

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Virginia:

I remember seeing photographs of yourself and Rémy(?) in a book about one of the natural childbirthing methods. Can you tell me- if you can remember- which book it was? I told my husband about this but have no way to prove it.

Hi Virginia-
The book was Moving Through Pregnancy by Elizabeth Bing, a leading proponent of the Lamaze technique for childbirth. My wife Judith was the model while she was pregnant with our son Rémy. The book has since been updated and revised with a different young(er) couple.

rené a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Brenna:

I was reading the “Philadelphia 2000 convention” report and it mentioned that you were reading Harry Potter. I’m a huge fan and in my early 20s so I find it interesting to find out what, forgive me (Ferengi cringe), the older audience thinks of it.

I’m curious, how big a fan are you of the books? What made you want to read them? Have the movies lived up to the books, in your eye? (despite all they’ve left out I think they have, you can only put so much on screen.) And do you think that these will withstand the test of time like Dickens, Doyle, Tolkein, and the like?

Thank you!

Dear Brenna-
I’m waiting eagerly for #7. It’s already ordered. I love good fantasy/magic/kids books.

“Have the movies lived up to the books, in your opinion?”
I think they’ve gotten better with each installment.

“And do you think that these will withstand the test of time…”

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here July 20, 2007

A question from Elise:

Dear Mr Auberjonois,
Since my boyfriend and I are French, we don’t have difficulties to pronounce your name! We both are very fond of Star Trek and particularly appreciate its values of respect between different cultures. Of course Odo is the best expression of those values and we were delighted to see your French name in the credits: the cast is also a melting pot! We’ve been through various hypothesis: are you Canadian? from old New Orleans French families? Now I know your grandfather was Swiss and you spent time in Paris. So there are my questions: did you went back to France, and did you met French fans?

Thank you for your great performance, and the kindness and intelligence you express.

Dear Elise-
Yes, my name is Suisse – from Lausanne. My mother was French – Laura Murat. Yes, I’ve been to France many times – to Paris, of course, and to my sister’s home near Nimes and to see my niece who lives in Grenoble.

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here January 17, 2006

A question from Leslie:

I am a conductor and am studying the score of L’Histoire du Soldat by Igor Stravinsky. In the Chester edition of the score, there is a reprint of the details of the first performance in 1924. In that reprint, it says “Petit theatre et Costumes de Rene Auberjonois”. Obviously, it can’t be you because of the date, but does it refer to a relative of yours? Quite a coincidence because it is exactly the same name and related to the theatre.

Since I am writing to you I must add that I enjoyed your work tremendously as Odo, and your other roles as well.

Dear Leslie-
The René Auberjonois who designed the sets and costumes for the first production of L’Histoire du Soldat was my grandfather. He was a post-impressionist Swiss painter and it is the only time he worked in a theatrical form.

Thanks for your interest,
rené a.

Posted here April 12, 2005

A question from Tim and Lucy:

Hi René,

Can you please put our minds to rest? On holiday in July 1998, my wife and I were in the bar of the Argyll Hotel in Inverary, West Scotland. We were alone in the bar when someone walked in, sat at the bar and ordered some quite expensive single malt whisky. He smiled and said “hello” and after much debate and knashing of teeth we were sure it was Dr Tewkesbury!

Was it you René?

Thank you for your time,
Tim and Lucy
Peterborough, England

Dear Tim and Lucy-

I confess it must have been me. I also confess that for my 60th birthday (three years ago) I gave up drinking alcohol. The only thing I miss is the occasional expensive single malt whisky.

Best- rené a.

Posted here April 14, 2004

A question from Talia:

Hi René,

I was wondering what software you use to create your “doodles.” Also, do you hand draw them, or do you use a mouse?

Dear Talia-

I use Photoshop on my Apple and I have a Wacom tablet with a pen…so I can ‘draw’.

Best- rené auberjonois

Posted here January 22, 2004

A question from Nevaeh:

Dear Mr. Auberjonois,

Halloween has come and gone. I wanted to know if you believe in the paranormal and if so, have you had any spooky experiences that you would like to share with us?

This is absolutely true.

When I was thirteen years old we lived on a small winding road in the countryside outside of New York City. The house was very old…pre-Revolutionary War. It was originally an inn.

It was winter. Raining hard. My brother (twelve years old) and I were alone in the house. Our parents were just up the road having dinner with friends. Since we’d finished our homework, Mike and I were sitting in front of the fireplace playing cards at a low table.

There was a knock at the door. The man standing there in the rain knew our names and asked if our parents were home. We told him they weren’t but would be soon.

He asked if he could wait. We invited him in. (You must realize that this was in the 1950s and the world seemed a safer place.)

He entered and removed his raincoat. He noticed that we had been playing cards.

For the next hour or so he performed the most wondrous magic tricks I have ever seen.

Then he put on his coat. Said goodnight….and left.

When our folks got home and we told them their “friend” had stopped by…they were mystified…and a bit horrified. Our description of the ‘visitor’ (who never introduced himself) resembled an old army friend of my Dad’s who had died in the war.

I can still see him so clearly…and I’ve described some of the tricks he performed for us to other magicians…no one seems to have any knowledge of them.

rené auberjonois

Posted here November 12, 2003

A question from Jennifer:

How would you describe your personality?

uhhh…prickly, shy…hey! I’m a Gemini!

Posted here October 20, 2003

A question from Danielle Dionne-Wosu

I loved Benson and my son was a great fan of DS9. We still watch reruns of the latter whenever possible. Too bad it ended.

I was wondering, question stupide maybe – parlez vous francais ou suisse allemand?

I hope I did not take too much of your time.

Dear Danielle–

There’s no such thing as a “stupide” question.

I’m embarrassed to say that my French (Suisse or otherwise) is very rusty. I did speak it as a child but when my family moved back to the U.S.A. and both my parents were working as writers ( English being their second language), we stopped speaking it ’round the house. Besides, growing up in the ’50s with a name (René) that was perceived as a “girl’s name”, I did everything I could to assimilate…so French sorta evaporated from my mind.

Whenever I visit my sister, who lives in Lausanne, or find myself in Paris, I have no trouble understanding most of what is said…but I still resist speaking. I think I’d have to spend an extended amount of time there to really bring it back.
Best- rené a.

Posted here August 24, 2003


A question from Sue

I’ve noticed in some photos, that you seem to be wearing two bracelets on your right arm. This brought to mind the tradition in some countries of wearing a bracelet for each child – would this be true, in your case?

Also, while perusing Dr. Elisabeth Bing’s 1975 book, Moving Through Pregnancy, I noticed your cute pup, and was wondering what breed it was – it resembled a poodle, but the face looked like a terrier’s! What other kinds of dogs have you had?

Thank you!

Dear Sue-

Well I do have two children (grown) who I adore. One of the bracelets is Native American (my son wears one like it) the other is Moroccan (my daughter has a similar one) so I guess you could say that they symbolize our bond.

The puppy’s name was Willy and he was a poodle.

We’ve had three dogs since: Molly (now gone and resting in our backyard under a guava tree) and Riley and Cleo (both happy and healthy) all three – mutts.

Take care-
–René Auberjonois

Posted here August 23, 2000


A question from Leanna

comments: Hi! This question is non-work related *grins*: How did you and the lovely Judith first meet?

Dear Leanna-

Judith and I met in college…Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University) in 1960. I was a Senior Drama Major. She was a Freshman.

We’ve been married for 36 years!!! Unbelievable.

Thanks for your message.
René Auberjonois

Posted here January 25, 2000

A question from Jenny

(Here’s my attempt to win the Unoriginal question of the millenium prize)
Are you going to do a convention in the U.K in the next few years?

Love your dead whizzy doodles, by the way.

cheers, Jen

Dear Jenny-

Don’t know about a con in the U.K. The last one I was supposed to do was canceled. Just keep bugging the powers that be.

What’s a dead whizzy doodle?

Best – René A.

Posted here January 6, 2000

Jenny’s reply:

In answer to your question,
dead whizzy doodles = really good pictures (roughly speaking). Wonderful things, regional accents.

All the best, Jenny

Posted here January 9, 2000

A question from Joanna:

Hi Rene,

Just wondering what you might want to do after DS9 has *dare I say it* …ended? Would you like to do more theatre work, backpack round the world, stay in television or aren’t you thinking about that yet?

Maybe you’ve already answered this, but I haven’t been on the net long and was just wondering. Enjoy your modem and please keep sending pictures to this fanpage cause they’re great fun !!!

I DO want to return to the theater and I’m sure that will happen – though I can’t say what that will entail…Broadway or Regional or here in L.A. Lots of possibilities…time will tell.

Backpacking is a very interesting thought.

Armin and I would love to continue working together. Any ideas for a series for the two of us?

Rene Auberjonois

Posted here July 5, 1998.

The following question was posed by several RAIL members, starting with Judith’s brother, Albert.

“What is your recipe for chicken wings?”

CHICKEN WINGS? I haven’t made them in ages…not since Tessa went off to college and became a vegan. But just “wing it” so to speak. I mix up a batch of soy sauce/rice vinegar/sesame oil/hot sauce/ginger/brown sugar…put the wings in a pyrex dish and cook in the oven on a low setting ’til they’re done…then I put them under the broiler and turn them till they’re crispy…I think that’s how…I never follow recipes…I just bumble around and sometimes it works. My daughter used to love them.

Posted here April 12, 1998.