Trek Questions

A question from Cyndi:

Odo became my favorite character immediately upon seeing DS9 for the first time. I was an outcast, I got bullied and I didn’t fit in. I was very lonely because I wasn’t like my peers. I feel like I could really understand Odo because of that, and a lot of that has to do with your superb acting. I want to thank you for making my difficult teenage years less lonely.

What I want to ask is: Did you have any routines to get into character, or was Odo so easy to play that you could walk right out of makeup and get to work?

Hi Cyndi-
Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s gratifying to hear that one’s work could provide not only entertainment, but a sort of solace as well. What more can one ask?

As for “walking out of makeup and getting to work”… it’s an ever-evolving process… but it doesn’t take long for the character to become readily accessible…. if that makes any sense.

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Josiah:

The Star Trek franchise was a big part of my childhood, and whenever I saw or heard an actor from the show elsewhere, I was always interested. I recall I started watching the cartoon Gargoyles after flipping past and hearing Marina Sirtis’s voice. I’m glad I grew up with that mind set, as it allows me greater respect for the actors. I started to make sure I learned names. And Odo wasn’t just “Odo,” he was also René Auberjonois.

This made a difference to me. While the Odo character was fascinating, even at ten or eleven years old I realized it was disrespectful to identify you only with that role. You are an actor, and have done so much before, and since, DS9…. [edited for length]…I am curious about just a few small things:

As a Deep Space Nine movie was never made, do you regret not being able to go back and re-visit Odo again?
I know that (because of a small but persistent amount of the Star Trek fanbase, sadly) some actors look at their time on Star Trek with some shame. Have you ever felt ashamed of the Odo role?
You and Brock Peters were both in Star Trek VI. Did you catch up during any episodes of Deep Space Nine he co-starred in?
Do you have any roles you are particularly proud of, or that you’d want fans who know you mostly as Odo, to seek out and watch?

Hi Josiah-
Thanks for your thoughtful and thought-provoking letter.

Let’s see…

“…do you regret not being able to go back and re-visit Odo again?”
I loved the role, and the company… but seven years was enough time to complete the creative journey.

“Have you ever felt ashamed of the Odo role?”
Never once… not for a moment. Proud to be given the opportunity.

“You and Brock Peters…Did you catch up during any episodes…?”
Sadly, I never worked with Brock on either the film or the series. We did work together in the theater. He played Othello. I played a small role, Roderigo. Inga Swenson (who played Kraus on Benson) was Desdemona.

“Do you have any roles you are particularly proud of…?”
I’d suggest the PBS production of King Lear with James Earl Jones. I played Edgar in it when I was in my early thirties… I’m quite proud of that.

Phew! Enough about me!

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Rod:

A question I’ve always wanted to ask was, during the run of star trek ds9 were you or any of the other actors put on any special diet to fit in your costume? I understand Jonathan Frakes and La Var Burton didn’t care for theirs at all.

Hi Rod-
Hmmm… no special diet for me… with my makeup, I could only eat soup or yogurt while I was working.

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Alma:

First I would like to thank you for your wonderful work you did as Odo. That was the character that made me love the actor behind the mask. That was back then during the early 90s and now, about 20 years later, that feeling still hasn’t changed. It’s such a pleasure to see you and your work on TV. I enjoy every minute of it. And all the interviews I`ve seen and read show what a funny, nice and pleasant person you are. I am proud to call myself a fan of yours.

Now my question: What’s the strangest question you`ve ever been asked? 🙂

Dear Alma-
What a lovely message! Thanks you so much for your kind comments.

As for the strangest question…. hmmmm… perhaps the one you just asked? (o;

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Robert:

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the many, many times I have let you into my home. Through your talent on such shows as Star Trek, Benson, Boston Legal I was continuously impressed. After seeing you play Paul I came to the conclusion tha they wasted your acting talent under that makeup. You have the most expressive face I have ever seen.

My question for you is kind of simple: When Deep Space Nine ended, I heard some actors took things home from the set. Did you ever do that? I heard rumors that you took the bucket?

Thank you for your time in reading this.

Yes, Robert, I took the bucket. It’s sitting on a shelf right behind me at this moment. Whenever I get weary I just slip into it for a little regeneration.

Thanks for your kind message.
rené a.

Posted here August 29, 2013

A question from Mike R.:

Hello Mr Auberjonois,
First may I say how very much I enjoyed your performances in DS9. Was it really over ten years ago already? I’ve been watching a few repeats lately and they age very well (wink).

I am interested to know how much interaction there is between actors and the writers in the creation of a character. When you were on DS9, how much back and forth was there between yourself and the writers? Did you ever work directly with the writers to develop Odo as a character?

On those occasions on which you directed, did this give you greater involvement in the writing of the scripts or did you select from already completed scripts instead?

Thank you for your time.

Dear Mike-
With regards to my involvement in the writing of DS9 I have to say that, as an actor, and as a director, I had little or no influence on the scripts. As I’ve often said, what influence I did have was in the nature of my “instrument” affecting how they wrote the “music.” Hope that makes sense?

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here January 11, 2009

A question from Alex:

Dear Mr. Auberjonois,
Last night I watched the episode called “The Begotten.” It’s the one with the baby changeling. Dr. Mora comes to the station uninvited and helps Odo teach it things. At one point, the changeling almost makes a face and Odo was so happy!! But then he found out that the changeling was dying. It was so sad to see Odo go from more happy than he’s ever been to more sad than he’s ever been.

Do you ever see the cast of DS9?? Like, do you have reunions?

Dear Alex-
Thanks so much for your message. Yes, “The Begotten” is one of Odo’s best episodes and one of my personal favorites.

As for reunions for the cast of DS9… that really only happens when we see each other at conventions.

rené a.

Posted here July 25, 2007

A question from Braden:

Hi René:
I am one of your biggest fans, or at least Odo’s. Anyway, I wanted to ask you why you became part of the Star Trek cast, and how hard was it to play your character for seven years?

Dear Braden-
I considered myself extraordinarily lucky to be part of the Star Trek universe and I leapt at the opportunity.

There were times, over the years, that the make-up and the looong hours were trying… but, over all, it was a joy and a privilege to work with such a talented group of people.

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here July 1, 2007

A question from Carlos:

My name is Carlos and I’m from Portugal, Azores. I belong to a Portuguese Star Trek Fan Site and sometimes we do some quiz games sending mail to the fans. This month, one of questions is about you and Michael Dorn, about what you did to your alien masks after the last shooting scene of DS9?

Dear Carlos-
Well I can’t answer for Michael… as for me, I did what I always did as I finished each episode… I simply peeled it off my face. I saved some of them (I had a new one every day that I filmed) some I auctioned off for charity and some I gave to friends and crew members.

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here July 1, 2007

A question from Alex:

Dear Mr.Auberjonois,
My name is Alex. I am a GIRL in sixth grade.I love the show DS9. I own all seven seasons on DVD. Odo is my favorite character. It’s really cool when he shape-shifts. My favorite episodes are the ones mostly about Odo and Kira. My favorite episode of the whole show is “His Way.” I really liked the thing on the special features disk where you talk about “the big kiss” and how your make-up got on to Ms. Visitor’s face. Speaking of make-up, what’s it like to wear so much?

Dear Alex-
How nice to know that DS9 still lives and goes on living in the minds and heart of younger generations. Thanks for your nice message.

The make-up was not very comfortable, but it was all worth it… even if I couldn’t feel much of anything when Odo finally got to kiss Kira! (o;

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here July 1, 2007

A question from Tamera:

Hello Mr. Auberjonois,
I was wondering, on your costume for Odo, was that a wig or your real hair?

Dear Tamera-
I wore a small “hair piece” which covered the place where my “mask” ended and my real hair began. Does that make any sense?

All the best-
rené a.

Posted here July 1, 2007
A question from Jenifer:

Hi René,
Can you name any of your favorite characters in DS9? Odo is definetly one of my favorites. You are an excellent actor!

Dear Jenifer-
I guess I’d have to say that Quark was one of my favorite characters… and Armin is one of my favorite people.

rené a.

Posted here November 1, 2006
A question from Kirsty:

Dear Mr Auberjonois,
I`ve been meaning to write and ask you this question for a while now, (actually ever since I first discovered this site, which would be about 10 months ago) but I got a little sidetracked because I moved to Japan in March and was a little busy. But, I`ve finally got round to asking it so here goes; have you ever heard a song called “Tomorrow’s like Today” by an artist named David McWilliams?

I realise it`s a strange question but I just wondered because the song lyrics really remind me of Odo and the way I imagine him as feeling on Deep Space Nine (until he gets together with Major Kira of course). I hope you get chance to listen to it.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this.

P.S. I read about how you said that producers had difficulty pronouncing your name, you should move to England (or France I guess) we`re used to French names and wouldn`t have any problems pronouncing it. Anyway, don`t move to Japan as they`ll never be able to say it – too many consonants and unfamiliar sounds. It`d end up as something like “lenee oobelujonoeesu” where the e sounds like the ‘e’ in met.

Dear Kirsty-
No, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the McWilliams song… if you could hum a few bars… (o;

Thanks for your message-

All the best-
“lenee oobelujonoeesu”
aka rené a

Posted here November 1, 2006
A question from Tamera:

Mr. Auberjonois, in the DS9 episode “Emmisary” when Odo had captured a guy for stealing in the beginning of the story, did you do all of the acting or was there a stunt double? I noticed the face of odo was different in one clip. 🙂 thank you. by the way I am glad to be one of your fans.

Dear Tamera-
Thanks for those kind words.

Yes, I did all the acting myself. In the beginning, the makeup was still evolving. That may account for it looking different.

rené a.

Posted here November 1, 2006
A question from Emma:

Do you think that Star Trek is dying in the eyes of “old people”?

Also, In some episode that I can’t place, Odo said that his name meant “unknown sample” in Cardassian. Don’t you think that it’s kinda funny if someone were to just to walk up to you and say ” Hi Unknown Sample!”

Dear Emma-
I think it’s more problematic that the younger audience isn’t as interested in Star Trek. And yes, I think the writers meant it to be amusing. It’s almost as weird as my own last name, which means “armorer” (a person who makes armor).

rené a.

Posted here November 1, 2006
A question from Nick:

What were the best moments of DS9? And was the Promanade set a complete cicle with the bar in the centre?

Dear Nick-
After seven years and countless hours of work, it’s simply impossible to define a best moment.

The Promenade was not a complete circle. It was a long, slightly curved set.

rené a.

Posted here November 1, 2006
A question from Jason:

Dear René:
I’m a little behind the times but I have recently taken an interest in DS9 and have purchased several seasons of the show. It is very unique and a little “darker” than previous incarnations of Star Trek. Anyway I’ll get to my question. How did you come up with the voice for Odo? I tried to imitate that voice (badly by the way) and found myself having to clear my throat constantly. How did you accomplish this? Thanks for your time.

Dear Jason-
The Odo voice was the result of attempting to create an “alien” voice that would express the character’s inner turmoil and rigidity. The extensive work I have done in voicing cartoons helped me find and support the vocal quality.

Thanks for your interest.

rené a.

Posted here November 1, 2006
A question from Wayne:

Did you like playing Odo In DS9? I have one other question: When asked will there ever be a DS9 movie you said “Don’t hold your breath.” What did you mean by that?

I loved it! As for “Don’t hold your breath” I meant: “not bloody likely!”

rené a.

Posted here November 1, 2006
A question from Tom R.:

Hi there René,
I have been watching Deep Space Nine for about a year now and my favourite character is Odo. I am astonished at how the world of acting has used different ways of portraying the personality of a character, but i must say that i am impressed the way you have always shown that Odo always is suspicious of Quark, and how you show the relationship between the two of you to be a love-hate relationship.

But i would like to ask you a question: did you cry when you finished Deep Space Nine? I cried when I finished my final performance of my Shakesperian play. i have a great appreciation for acting, i enjoy seeing how one person can split their character into a variety of different characters and yet still be the same person, also how people can show so much with such a minor movement, or word. For example, in a scene where Odo walks into Quark’s and sees Quark doing his daily routine, Odo gives him a look to let him know that he is onto him, Odo always keeps a close eye on Quark. i hope to see you in any more shows that you participate in in the future.

Dear Tom-
Thanks for your kind and interesting letter. I appreciate your support and attention to the details of acting. As to your question about whether I cried at the end ofDS9…well, I was sad, certainly, but it was time to move on to new challenges. I miss the people I worked with, but they’re still my friends.

Take care-
rené a.

Posted here January 17, 2006
A question from Tom M.:

You might have heard this question before, but i have noticed although Odo and Quark are rivals, you and Armin are friends. Do you think your friendship with Armin affected the relationship between Odo and Armin, making it unique?

Many thanks, René.

Dear Tom-
I actually haven’t been asked that question…I do believe that our friendship was a big contributing factor to the chemistry of Quark’s and Odo’s relationship.

Thanks for your interest-
rené a.

Posted here January 17, 2006
A question from Anita:

I love the idea of creating a histoical list of real people named Odo throughout history. I do want to know who thought up that name for your character.

Dear Anita-
I’m not really sure…my guess would be that it was Michael Pillar since he was really responsible for creating the character of Odo.
Thanks for an interesting question.

rené a.

Posted here January 17, 2006
A question from William:

What are your feelings on the ending of Star Trek on TV after 18 years? Do you feel the series should end or continue, as many fans are fighting for it.

Dear William-
I think it’s time to let the field go fallow for a bit. Let the nutrients return to the creative soil. Let some new ‘farmers’ till the land.

rené a.

Posted here April 12, 2005
A question from Mattie:

hello rene my question is how did you hold on for those seven seasons with all that make-up on you? and how did you like playing with Quark (Armin)? i loved the episodes where you two get at each others’ throat. thank you for those wonderful seven sesons of DS9.

Dear Mattie-
The make-up WAS difficult, but I loved the character and the work…so it was all worth it. And I loved working with Armin…as a matter of fact he’s still my closest friend fromDS9.

rené a.

Posted here February 5, 2005
A question from Beth:

Does it ever bother or, so to speak, weird you out what with all the things people write about Odo in fanfic? Just wondering…thank you in advance.

I haven’t read any fanfiction in a long time. The last time I did, I was impressed by the overall quality. Of course…there are always a few weird ones…but that’s life!

rené a.

Posted here November 10, 2004
A question from Cynthia:

Dear Mr. A.

My name is Cynthia, and in 1996 I had the wonderful experiance to spend the day on the Promenade as an extra. Everyone ( and I mean everyone) was so nice and helpful. It truly was my drean come true.

Since I am security officer in the Trek club I belong to I was thrilled to be able to see Odo’s office. It was so surreal to be there. At one point, I sat in Odo’s chair. Once I leaned back I found I could not move the chair unless I used my tiptoes and even then it was not easy. I’m 5 ft 8 in and don’t normally have trouble moving a chair once I’m in it.

So my question is, how tall are you and did you have trouble moving around in that chair?

I would like to take this moment to say THANK YOU for the hours you put in to entertain us. It is apperciated.

Dear Cynthia-
Hmmmm…I’m six feet tall…those extra few inches must’ve made the difference. Although, it’s possible that the chair (which was adjustable) had been wound up to it highest mark for some reason. It’ll just have to remain a mystery.

I’m glad you have such fond memories of your day on the set.

rené a.

Posted here November 10, 2004
A question from Gordon:

Dear René,

I just became a trekkie about five years ago so I’m enjoyingDS9 for the first time on DVD! I’m just now starting Season 2, but I must say that the show stealers from Season 1 were none other than Odo and his pal Quark! I also saw you inThe Patriot as the Reverand and I love your work.

I’m not really sure how much Star Trek you watched before your involvement with DS9, but I have a couple very simple questions for you.

1. What is your favorite non-human and non-changeling race from the Star Trek universe?
2. Who is your favorite non-DS9 Star Trek character?

Thanks for your time René. You have a great site and it’s a pleasure writing to you.


1) I always thought The Bolians were great looking and fascinating. I wish they’d done more with them.

2) Brent Spiner as Data.

Thanks for your kind words.
rené a.

Posted here November 10, 2004
A question from D. Javanovic:

I am an American citizen currently living in the south of France. My question concerns the Second World War and the many references in DS9 scripts to actual events of the War, specifically World War Two France. There are the obvious, of course – the Maquis, and the name DAX. Then there are the general references to slave labor camps and the Bajoran underground, which operated much like the real-world Maquis.

Were you the person who supplied much of the French material for the story lines? If not, then who? I am very interested in the history of the Second World War and have attended many 60th anniversary liberation and memorial services here in France.

DS9 is my favorite of the Star Trek series, not only because of its references to historical events, but primarily because of its mystical and metaphysical content. I appreciate you and all others connected with this very special program, which I sorely miss.

No, I had nothing to do with the references to W.W. II inDS9.

Aren’t you lucky to be living in the South of France? My sister has a farm there and I dream of visiting as often as I’m able.

rené a.

Posted here November 10, 2004
A question from Bode Gibbs:


I am a 46-year-old sophomore at Miami University in Ohio, and am a big fan of your work. During my 30s I traveled a great deal and attended many Star Trek conventions, where I served as security for the actors quite often. In the years preceeding the creation of DS9, I worked for Majel Barrett a time or two. She seemed fascinated with my name, though she could never quite remember how to pronounce it (phonetically). I remember being called “BoBo,” “Odie,” and even “Obie!” I have often wondered if my name were not a part of the inspiration for the character name Odo. Anyway, I think you’re a wonderful actor and I have enjoyed watching you for years. Take care and God Bless…

Mr. Bode Gibbs-

Yes! What a great name…take it from one who has a tricky name himself. I doubt, however, that your name was the inspiration for Odo’s name…though I have no idea where that inspiration came from.

Thanks for your kind words,
Best- rené a.

Posted here May 14, 2004
A question from Kaleigh:

Dear René,

I’m a late bloomer to the DS9 fandom. But being a Trekkie since I was born, I knew of DS9 when it was new, but seeing as I was about six or seven, I hardly remember a thing of it. But I do remember a certain shape-shifting Constable with a bad attitude. After about ten years, DS9finally becomes accessable to me on Spike TV, and I now can see that sweet and sassy Odo in all his seemingly cheesed off glory. I’m such an Odo fan now, so I must ask you this, will you be showing up at the Tulsa Oklahoma Trek Expo anytime soon? I’ve only been going to them sine last year, and I had such an experiance with Walter Koenig and Dominic Keating. And I hope if you show up, I’ll have just an unforgettable experience with you.

Kaleigh “Ida’ital’ Strange

Dear Kaleigh-

I don’t know about coming to Tulsa…but since you’re such an avid “Trekkie”…I’m sure our paths will cross…some day.

Until then, all the best-
rené auberjonois

Posted here April 14, 2004
A question from Daniela:

Dear Mr. Auberjonois,

My name is Daniela (23), and I am from Croatia. I must say (and that’s maybe not very nice to say) that I knew first about your grandfather then I knew about you. Actually, only before few months they started to broadcast Deep Space 9 on Croatian television, and since the begining my favorite character was, of course, Garak :)….well, noo… Odo, of course. Then I was quite suprised when I realized that Odo was played by my favoroite M*A*S*H actor. I like Odo so much that I get on my best friend’s nerves so much (she likes Quark, and than we always fight which one is better) that she said she will buy me a bucket for my birthday. I saw some other of your later (newer?) movies (The Patriot) and in no matter what role I found you to be great. I really appreciate your work and carrier, and I have big respect for theatre acters, beacuse I also work in thetare. I am no actor, but a musician, violist.

So, what I wanted to say is that I know what a hard work it is to be a real artist, not some these days overnight “stars”, and I think you are a great artist, the real one. My big wish is to see you in some theatre play, but I think I must get very rich, to go to USA to do that. Do you have some plans for visiting Europe? Have you been in Europe lately?

Well, I don’t want to bother you any more, I just want you to know that if you visit Europe any time, you and your family are most welcome in Croatia. We have the most beautifull and cleanest sea (Dalmatia), I will dare to say, in the world. I think it is a great place for a vacation 🙂

Before I forget I must say that those episodes with Qurak directed by you were the funniest in whole DS9 so far. I really think you are a very nice, kind and charming man, and it would be for me a great honor if I will have a chance to meet you some day.

Dear Daniela-

What a nice e-mail you sent! Thank you so much for all your kind words and compliments. They are greatly appreciated.

Since Armin Shimerman, who plays Quark, is one of my best friends there’s no need for you and your friend to argue…there’s plenty of compliments to go around!

All the best! rené auberjonois

Posted here April 14, 2004
A question from Rachel:

Dear René,

I love your role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I have just finished watching it on DVD. It is by far the best series! I really loved the connections between the different charecters because they are so life-like. The last episode really moved me and made me sob for hours. There’s lots of space and you definetly have to make a movie. Is the role you play ever move or touch you even though it’s acting. I think you are wonderful. My whole family loves DS9. By the way, I’m a 10-year-old girl who lives in Albuquerque.


Dear Rachel-

Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad that you enjoyDS9. In answer to your question about whether or not I was ever moved while playing the part: Although most of the time it was very slow and arduous work, there were times when the scenes became very difficult to do because of the depth of feeling required to make them work. But the truth is that doesn’t happen too often…the actor’s job is to express emotions so that the audience will experience them…and when you have to do the same scene over and over…it’s hard to “feel” the emotions over and over.

Phew! Long answer…thanks for asking!

Best- rené a.

Posted here April 14, 2004
A question from Alisa:

Dear Mr. Auberjonois,

Thank you for participating in this forum. I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time how much I enjoyed Odo. I loved his integrity and his grouchiness, the interplay with Quark, his lovesick vulnerability, and I especially loved the way he walked!

I’ve always been interested in him from the standpoint of an actor working behind a mask without the benefit of the usual subtleties of facial expression. Though I would by no means ask the poet to explain his poem, I would like to know from an acting standpoint (not the discomfort of the prosthetics) what you found most challenging and most enjoyable about the creative aspects of bring this character to life. I can’t imagine anyone else in the role. You were wonderful.

As an aside, my theatre professor in college once suggested to me that I consider applying to Carnegie-Mellon for graduate studies. I recall looking at a graduate catalog and, if my memory serves me, it said that the curriculum was designed to provide the student with “as little free time as possible”! That tickled me.


Dear Alisa-

Thanks for your thoughtful message.

The “mask” you refer to was what gave the character his mystery. I have worked with real masks quite often during my career. I studied mask work at Carnegie-Mellon and later taught it at Julliard. Contrary to the usual assumption that a mask hides emotions…I feel that it magnifies and projects emotions….most of which are expressed through body language and voice.

All the best- rené a.

Posted here April 14, 2004
A question from Alexandra:

Dear Mr. Auberjonois,

I am 8 years old and I watch Deep Space Nine ALOT. I’ve watched all the episodes in seasons 1, 2, and 3. I’m halfway through season 4 and we’ve already bought season 5. My favorite character is Odo! I liked Odo without the belt, unlike Kira (I just watched the episode that this was in). I think that sometime soon Odo should tell Kira that he loves her. What is it like to act under all that makeup? I wishDeep Space Nine could go on forever.

Your friend,
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Alexandra-

Thanks for your nice nessage. Glad you’re enjoying the show. You’ll just have to wait and see if Odo ever tells Kira his true feelings.

I like him without the belt too.

rené a.

Posted here April 14, 2004
A question from Kenneth Q.:

Hello René,

I don’t know too much of your work other than you as Constable Odo. Which I must say is really one of my favourites. I did not realize you were actually 64 years of age soon. I mean wow! You sure don’t look your age! And for my question. Do you people from Star Trek actually meet and hang out other than when required to do so for special star trek events or such?

Great work, really! Thank you!
All the best to you René,
Kenneth Q., Sweden

Dear Kenneth-

Thanks for your kind words…if you could see the white beard I’m sporting now (in preparation for a show on Broadway) you’d see that I am indeed nearly 64.

As for friends from Star Trek ‘hanging out’ together…well Armin and I see each other on a regular basis.

rené a.

Posted here January 22, 2004
A question from Tania:

Dear Rene,

I have only just discovered this web site and I would like to thank you for bringing such a wonderful character as Odo to life. I simply adore Odo and every time I watch his goodbye to Kira in “All Good Things” it brings tears to my eyes.

As strange as it may seem, I only became aware recently that there were Star Trek conventions held in Australia (I live in Perth, Western Australia). I know you have visited Australia in the past and I’m sorry I missed that, do you have any plans to visit Australia for conventions in the future?

Best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and the New year.

Dear Tania-

Thanks for writing. I’ve been to Perth. I LOVE OZ!! I’d love to come back…just get someone to invite me! (o;

rené a.

Posted here January 12, 2004
A question from Ash Robison

Last nite I saw “Ferangi Love Songs”, I was wondering, how did you like directing it? Also, how did you like the way Odo’s character was written at the end of the series, was there anything you would change?

Dear Ash–

I always enjoy directing Armin (he’s the best) and all the wonderful actors and crew who work on Star Trek.

I think the ending for Odo was the only one possible…it was pre-determined…written in the stars.

Thanks for you interest–
rené a.

Posted here February 21, 2002
From an anonymous questioner

comments: What was it like to work with Nana Visitor?

ummm…well…it was like working with…Sid…or Terry…or Armin…only different.

René Auberjonois

Posted here September 20, 2000
A question from Steve

What did you think of the series finale? Although I thought it was a great episode, it sort of seems like the writers ran out of time. (Everything was crammed into one final 2-hour episode…)

What is your favorite Odo episode? My favorite is “Things Past”.

Heard anything about a DS9 movie? 🙂 (I know it’s probably not going to happen, but it would be great….)

P.S. It was cool seeing you without your makeup in “Far Beyond the Stars” which is, coincidentally, my favorite episode of all time. 🙂


Dear Steve-

I agree with you that the final episode(s) was (were) rather truncated. I think the writers were sort of caught off guard and had to wind it up in a more condensed manner than was optimal. But then, that often happened with regular episodes.

It’s really impossible to choose a favorite Odo show…but I liked “Necessary Evil” and “Chimera” and (uhh) the one with the “baby Changling”. [“The Begotten”]

I don’t know anyone who believes there will be a DS9feature. Maybe some of the characters from our show will appear in the features…who knows.

Thanks for your continuing interest in our show.

René Auberjonois

Posted here July 12, 2000
A question from Tim

Hi Rene!
I just saw the final episode of Deep Space 9 (being in Australia means you have to wait a fair bit for these things 🙂 ) I was wondering how you felt about the end up the series. I thought it seems very “loose ended”, like they were planning something else but I know that officially, this is not the case, what do YOU think? Is there a chance they may call you back to reprise your role and if there was, would you take it?

Also, did you enjoy making the episode “His Way” with James Darren? It looked like a fun episode!

All the best, Tim


Thanks for your message.

I too thought the last episode left a lot to be desired…I guess the writers just ran out of steam.

I loved working with James Darren…he’s a real pro and a swell guy.

All the best-
René Auberjonois

Posted here January 25, 2000
A question from Rocahna

It was great to see you at the Glasgow Continuum Convention! My question is, what was your all time favourite Odo/Kira moment…? I know I was at the convention…but can you clear something up for me…am I going insane, or was it the Odo/Kira kiss and part of your face fell off?!?! (If not, do you know who that was?!) I hope you can clear that up for me. Thanks…I still have your signed photo on my wall along side the other greats!

All the best, Rocahna

Dear Rochana-

Thanks for your message. My favorite moment with Kira was in “Necessary Evil” at the very end when they just stand and stare at each other…that’s when he falls in love with her.

And yes, the kiss is when I “broke my face.”

René A.

Posted here January 9, 2000
A question from Sarah Ryan

I love DS9, especially Odo. I was wondering if there is anyone in the cast that you find it difficult to get on with (be honest now) and is anyone very similar to their characters in real life?
luv Sarah


Everyone on the show is very professional and works with great respect for all their co-workers.

There’s a little bit of all of us in the characters we play.

René Auberjonois

Posted here December 28, 1999
A question from Lindsy Haslehurst

Hi, my question is how did you feel when Terry Farrel left and is Nicole de Boer as cool as she looks on her internet site? (Not saying yours isn’t cool) Also is it hard to act such a hard charecter like odo? love forever Lindsey


I was very sorry when Terry left the show… Nicole IS a cool person… I haven’t seen her site…. MINE is the BEST! (o:
Odo lives…with fans like you!

René Auberjonois

Posted here November 23, 1999
A question from Tracey Miller

Rene, I am a big fan of DS9 (bet you’ve never heard that before) and I was wondering if you could answer something that has been plaguing me for some time now. Have you ever appeared on Voyager or any of the other star trek series as a character other than Odo? I am sure that I have heard your voice and that of other star trek characters on shows other that you own. Please put me out of my misery and answer this e-mail.
thanks Tracey x x x

Dear Tracey-

I have never appeared in any other Star Trek series.
I did play Colonel West in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.
Hope that reduces your “misery”.

René A.

Posted here October 27, 1999


A question from Marguerite Krause:

Hi, Rene! I really enjoyed the episode “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” — one of the amazing things to me was how “natural” everyone looked out in the sunshine. Was the make-up for the non-Humans, like Odo and the Ferengi, different in some way, to make them look good in natural light?


The makeup remains the same…it’s up to the D.P. (Director of Photography) Johnathan West to make the needed adjustments when filming…and that’s way beyond my technical understanding.

I’m sure it’s much more tricky to film prosthetic makeups in the harsh light of day.

Rene A.

Posted here November 12, 1998


A question from Bajora:

Dear Rene,
First of all: congratulations on your 35th with Judith!!! My question is this, would you like to see Odo rejoin with his people at the end of the season, or maybe even help to reform them (no pun intended) into a nicer bunch of aliens?

respectfully yours,


Mine is not to question why…or even try to second guess the writers…but I suspect that’s what will happen.

Thanks for the question-
Rene A.

Posted here October 7, 1998.


A question from Deb:

Hi Rene,

First of all, I’d like to say that I remember you fondly from your Benson days. Edicott was such a nervous little fellow and he was much fun to watch. When you first appeared as Odo, I was amazed that Endicott’s nervous movements weren’t in your true nature. Odo is so calm, cool and collected. I’d also like to say thank you for breaking into the audio book world! Some great stuff in there, thanks for sharing your talent!

My question is this: Do you approve of the Kira/Odo relationship? Do you have any thoughts as to whether it should be long standing or just a passing fancy with a resolved passion? To be honest, I was quite happy that Odo could harbor a love for Kira that went way beyond the physical sense…to me the romance did not intensify that love, but put a capper on its importance. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Great question!

When I first learned that the O/K relationship was going to be “consumated” I had pretty much the same doubts and reservations that you’ve expressed.

But as I considered it…I reminded myself that, from the beginning, whenever the writers would change course for Odo (finding out where he’s from, losing his ability to shapeshift, being drawn to “the dark side” by the Female Shapeshifter) I had concerns about losing “the Mystery”. But in each case they’ve surprised me and challenged me.

It is Ira Behr’s hope and intention to create a relationship unlike any that we’ve seen on Star Trek – a commited, caring, mutually respectful and MATURE partnership…like a healthy marriage. Whether or not we achieve that vision remains to be seen. I relish the challenge…and Nana and I are enjoying the chance to collaborate…we’ve always enjoyed each other’s company…we’re very relaxed…we laugh alot…we’re having fun…and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to be an actor…To have FUN!

So, let’s hope your concerns are unfounded. I’ll be interested in your reaction!

Rene Auberjonois

Posted here July 28, 1998.


A question from Heather:

Hi Rene (Odo),

I just want to say I love you on DS9!!! And my question is that how do you stand that make-up that you wear as Odo? Just want to know because i’m a fan of yours ! A trekker! And keep on making those Kira/Odo epsoides.


Dear Heather-

Yes, the make-up is difficult…uncomfortable and restrictive…BUT I think it makes the character what he is: intereseting, enigmatic and challenging.

Thanks for your kind words. Good Luck!

Rene Auberjonois


Posted here May 10, 1998.