Review: Season 3 DVD ST:DS9 review

The release of the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Season 3 DVD (in June 2003) produced many positive reviews. DS9 might have been the “forgotten middle child” of the Star Trek universe when it was on the air, but people looking back on it now can’t find enough good stuff to say about it — and about all of the writers, actors, and staff who created it.

The website listed the DS9 Season 3 DVD as the “Editors’ Pick,” and their reviewer, Sarah, said:

I’m partial to DS9 because it’s such a character-oriented show and season 3 is notable for adding new dimension and development to one of the most fascinating individuals ever to grace Trek: prickly security chief Odo. The season begins with the conflicted shapeshifter discovering his people, the Founders, and concludes with the Changeling species’ attempt to infiltrate the Federation. In between, there are a number of great Odo-oriented episodes, such as “Heart of Stone” (Odo’s feelings for Kira are fully sketched out) and “Facets” (Odo fuses with previous Dax host Curzon). Watching this season, it’s easy to see why this character became such a popular, central force on DS9.