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  •  Carolyn Fulton – creator of René’s Page and Webmaster Emeritus
  • Suzanne Vanweddingen – provider of hours of design advice and moral support!

“Happy Birthday René!” Supporters – 2015

Mark Moskowitz Elana Mojica Necip Fikri Alican (@legalusername)
Chris Marino @mrstu619 Lili Yuan
Ronald C. Taylor Matthew Maclean Steven Spradlin (@Lord_Steven93)
Ruth Weaver (@liverpool_ruth) Shelley Hawkins Sharon and Paul
Donna Jeavons Howard Crowe William Smith
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Rachel Conatser twistedsoup Ted Kim
Ginger Graves Cara Conocer Craftybookcat (@winterlighthome)
Kai Michael Poppe (@kmpoppe) Danielle DeLisle (@DanielleDeLisle) Josephine Wiesener (@JosWiesener)
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Lora Mackie Su-Eun Yin Matthew Cimone
Leta Learn Andrea Suhaka Jennifer Berger
Emma Davis Ryan at PressEnter
Talia Myres Marguerite and Mike

Birthday Messages

  • Happy Birthday, René. I’ve been a fan since you brought Clayton Endicott to Benson in 1980. I have to admit as a Trekkie, though, that your Odo of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is my favorite. You were instrumental in making that show the best in the franchise. Then came your collaboration with another Star Trek veteran in Boston Legal, which I wished would never end. You add warmth and character to everything you touch. Thank you for wonderful memories and good entertainment. Live long and prosper. –Necip Fikri Alican (@legalusername)
  • Wishing you well on your birthday, René! –@mrstu619
  • Since 1970 your highly honed craft has bought me so much pleasure. Thanks for these years, big screen and small. –Ronald C. Taylor
  • I hope you enjoy this birthday present. You’ve touched the lives of many people. After seeing every episode of Star Trek, Odo taught me that while people may not all be alike, they all have potential of being good people. You just have to give them a chance. Thank you for one of the most important lessons in life. –Steven Spradlin
  • Thanks for your craft, your kindness, and your charity work. Happy birthday! –Shelley Hawkins
  • Dear {{{{{{René}}}}}
    We wish you a splendid, lovely birthday, Poppet, we love you to bits, always. Poems to follow by carrier pigeon (remembered to stock up on bird seed) –Sharon, Paul xxxxx
  • Happiest of Birthdays to my almost b-day twin (mine is June 4)! You, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for enriching our lives! –MCSebsotherhalf (Twitter)
  • Thank you René for all you contribute to the arts and the joy you bring us! –Karen Key Speck
  • Happy Birthday René 🙂 have an amazing day –@snowbunny_caz
  • Here are wishes for the happiest birthday imaginable! No, wait. A birthday so happy that it’s beyond imagination! For the ever treasured René Auberjonois – Your talent, creativity, openness, kindness, and beautifully unique spirit inspire and delight more people than you could ever know. You are blessed, and you are a blessing to others. May your next year be healthy, productive, joyous, loving, adventurous, brave, funny, and invigorating. May you have the wisdom of twice your years but the body of half your age. May you be surrounded by loved ones, grace, good surprises, challenging opportunities, great books, bountiful art supplies, long-life camera batteries, and abundant causes for hearty laughter. May you always have a solid, unshakable sense of peace deep down inside. Sending you a limitless supply of big, snuggly hugs! Yom Huledet Sameach! Love and hugs, –Craftybookcat (@winterlighthome)
  • Dear René, I’m wishing you a very Happy Birthday – it was splendid meeting you at DST London back in 2012! –Kai Michael Poppe (@kmpoppe)
  • Happy Birthday! Your work inspired me as a child. I loved The Last Unicorn, The Cask of Amontillado, Benson, DS9, and The Pirates of Dark Water especially. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I also think you have the most fabulous and beautiful name on the planet. Have a beautiful day! –Danielle DeLisle
  • Rigtig hjertelig tillykke med fødselsdagen! Fra Star Trek til Boston Legal har du formået at give dine karakterer liv, så de ikke blot er fiktive væsener på en tv-skærm, men personer som får en virkelig indflydelse på ens liv. Det skal du have stor tak for. –Josephine Wiesener (@JosWiesener)
  • Happy birthday René! Thank you for all the many years of enjoyment you have given your fans, both as an actor and a gentleman. Best wishes, –Sam
  • Happy birthday René! Love, –John, Ellinor, Teddy, and Addy
  • Happy Birthday and well wishes to you from Montana! –Eddy White (@forever1sg)
  • Happy Birthday René! I hope you enjoy your day and the new web site. I have been a fan for many years and I wanted to thank you for being the kind and generous man that you are. #LLAP –Marty Brown (@martinbrown8857)
  • Happy Birthday, Rene! –from Lora and son Ronnie in Canada 🙂
  • For all the entertainment and joy René and his characters have given me over the years – Thank you. –Emma Davis
  • “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” (Satchel Paige)
    “It’s important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle.” (Anonymous) –Leta Learn