Final Spring Auction

We know that many people were deeply saddened by René’s passing in December 2019. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, any sort of memorial gathering close to René’s June 1 birthday has become impossible.

However, René greatly enjoyed signing autographs for fans and sharing his artwork and his collection of memorabilia with everyone. He left us several boxes of photos, trading cards, pins, and drawings, as well as some unique items, including a script binder from Benson and a piece of the set of Deep Space Nine, “liberated” by René on the final day of shooting.

From about May 18 to May 25, we will post new items every day as eBay auctions and fixed-price sale. We have DS9 shooting schedules, René’s unique artwork, and lots of photos! Because of large number of items overall, you will often have a good chance of winning even with a minimum bid. And you may want to glance through the lists more than once as new items are added. You can follow this link, or use eBay’s “Advanced Search” option and choose to view items from seller ID markrause47.

Below are pictures of the sorts of items we’ll be offering.

We understand that many people are under financial strain during the pandemic. But if you are able to participate and interested in celebrating René’s creative legacy in this way, we look forward to seeing you on eBay soon!