Cast of Benson

Cast of Benson

Welcome to our central clearing house for information related to the 1980s sitcom Benson and René’s character, Clayton Endicott III.

In the list below you will find links to episode summaries, airdates for reruns on TVLand, reviews, interviews, essays, and more.

Do you have comments or observations you would like to share about this program and René’s performance as Clayton? Do you have a favorite episode, or one scene (or several) that you think best represents Clayton? Do you have any newspaper articles, interviews, publicity photos, or similar mementos of the show? Please write in and share your thoughts and memories with the rest of us!

Episode synopses

For several years, Lisa Wilcox (founder and president of René’s fan club, ORACLE) tracked down all the information she could find about Benson and Clayton, primarily through books and periodicals which she found at several locations, including the Geisel Library at the University of California-San Diego.

Lisa compiled and edited selections from these various sources (including her own viewing of the episodes) to provide as much information as she could for each episode: production number and title, names of directors, writers, and notable guest stars, original air date, and episode descriptions.

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