Charity Fundraising

Signing autographs in Tulsa

Signing autographs in Tulsa

It’s a source of great pride and satisfaction to René that his fans have always supported his efforts to raise money for good causes at conventions, and through online auctions and special projects. Over the years, many organizations, including Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and Heifer International, have benefited from René’s generous expenditures of time and energy, and from the expansive hearts and wallets of contributors.

How You Can Help

After receiving funds from one of ORACLE’s events, René’s wife Judith wrote:

Just wanted to let the contributors out there in the Trek universe know that we are really unbelievably gratified to be able to give to Doctors Without Borders.We have a fervent belief in the organization, and any contributions the Trekkers make are indeed included in our donations to Doctors Without Borders.

If you participate in any of ORACLE’s fundraising activities, or send in a donation in exchange for René’s autograph, please know that your money is supporting the life-changing, life-saving work of Doctors Without Borders and similar worthy groups, and we thank you.