First flash auction over – thank you!

Thanks to everyone who enthusiastically supported René’s first experiment with doing an auction via his Twitter account and this website! Generous fans pledged over $250 to support the humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders.

Follow René on Twitter or keep an eye on the website for news of further sales of items from René’s collection of memorabilia!

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Certain Women

Albert in Certain Women

René as “Albert”

When René filmed his role in this film, it was known only as “Untitled Kelly Reichardt Project”. Now it has appeared at number 12 on The Guardian‘s list of “The 75 films we’re most excited about in 2016” with the title Certain Women. As soon as we hear details of when and where it will be released, we’ll post that information here.

Marguerite / December 30, 2015 / News

René’s next project

René has been cast in a guest role on Madame Secretary, and will be shooting the episode in New York in mid-December. We’ll post further information about the episode, such as the title and expected air date, as soon as we know more.

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