Charity auction completed

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our fall auction of memorabilia and photographs to raise money for the life-saving work of Doctors Without Borders! We raised just over $600 through the generosity of René’s fans.

Thanks for your interest and support!

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René not attending San Francisco convention

Unfortunately, although René  was asked to appear at the Creation Entertainment convention in San Francisco in mid-December, a schedule conflict means that he won’t be able to participate.

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Selected Shorts November 3 and 19

René performed on two Selected Shorts programs this November.

The first was on November 3 at the Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, where René read “The Deep,” by Anthony Doerr on a program titled. “Uncharted Territories”.

Then, on November 19, René read “The King of the Elves” by Phillip K. Dick in the program “Modern Fairy Tales” at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Listen for these performances to be aired on Selected Shorts on your local public radio station, or subscribe to the Selected Shorts podcast. Schedules can be found on the Selected Shorts website.

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Certain Women opens in October

Certain Women will be shown at the New York Film Festival in early October:

  • Monday October 3 (9 p.m.) at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center (premiere)
  • Tuesday October 4 (6 p.m.) at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center

René says: “We open Friday, October 14 in New York and Los Angeles, and will be expanding from there. On opening weekend, we’ll be at Lincoln Plaza Cinema and IFC Center in New York City, and at The Landmark and Arclight Hollywood in LA. We’ll be in most major markets by October 21 or 28, and at our widest by November 4.”

As described on the New York Film Festival website:

“The seventh feature by Kelly Reichardt (Meek’s Cutoff, NYFF 2010), a lean triptych of subtly intersecting lives in Montana, is a work of no-nonsense eloquence. Adapting short stories by Maile Meloy, Certain Women follows a lawyer (Laura Dern) navigating an increasingly volatile relationship with a disgruntled client; a couple (Michelle Williams and James Le Gros), in a marriage laden with micro-aggression and doubt, trying to persuade an old man (Rene Auberjonois) to sell his unused sandstone; and a young ranch hand (Lily Gladstone) fixated on a new-in-town night school teacher (Kristen Stewart). Shooting on 16mm, Reichardt creates understated, uncannily intimate dramas nestled within a clear-eyed depiction of the modern American West.”

Certain Women was well received at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and René’s performance as “Albert” prompted positive reviews:

“Reichardt’s Certain Women stars the powerhouse trio of Laura Dern, Kristen Stewart and Michelle Williams, a virtuosic Rene Auberjonois and a radiant Lily Gladstone.” -Los Angeles Times

“…all the performances are rock-solid, with all the players making the most of the writer-director’s gifts at silence and suggestion. Dern has been cornering the market on beatific moms lately, so it’s a treat to watch her play an intelligent, unsatisfied, exasperated woman, and seeing the legendary Auberjonois on the prairie immediately calls to mind his supporting role in the Robert Altman classic McCabe & Mrs. Miller.” -The Wrap


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Blood Stripe screenings

The creators of Blood Stripe continue to bring the film to film festivals. Upcoming screenings are scheduled for

At the Austin film festival, subtitled “The Writer’s Festival”, Blood Stripe is on the schedule to be shown on Friday, Oct. 14 at 5:00 p.m.

Blood Stripe is one of the festival’s “opening night gala” films, and will be shown on Wednesday, Oct. 19. It’s original 8:30 show has already sold out, so they added another screening at 5:30 p.m. An additional showing is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 28 at 3:00 p.m. If you play to attend, get your tickets soon!

You can also read more about Blood Stripe‘s June 2 premiere.

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