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 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  • <credemis.html>”Emissary”
  • <credvortex.html>”Vortex”
  • <credforsaken.html>”The Forsaken”
  • <creddram.html>”Dramatis Personae”
  • <credaltern.html>”The Alternate”
  • <credshadow.html>”Shadowplay”
  • <credsearch.html>”The Search, Parts 1 & 2″
  • <credabandoned.html>”The Abandoned”
  • <credfasc.html>”Fascination”
  • <credheart.html>”Heart of Stone”
  • <credimprob.html>”Improbable Cause” and “The Die is Cast”
  • <credcrossfire.html>”Crossfire”
  • <credcrossfire2.html>More thoughts on “Crossfire”
  • <credbroken.html>”Broken Link”
  • <credthings.html>”Things Past”
  • <credascent.html>”The Ascent”
  • <credbego.html>”The Begotten”
  • <credsimp.html>”A Simple Investigation”
  • <credchild.html>”Children of Time”, essay on time travel
  • <credchild2.html>”Children of Time”, review
  • <credchild3.html>”Children of Time”, another view
  • <creddominion.html>The Dominion War (covering “Call to Arms,” “Time To Stand,” “Rocks and Shoals,” “Sons and Daughters,” “Favor the Bold,” “Sacrifice of Angels,” and “You Are Cordially Invited”)
  • <credhisway.html>”His Way”
  • <credchimera.html>”Chimera”
  •  SyFy Portal “Best Episode” reviews:
    In summer 2006, in honor of Star Trek’s 40th anniversary, SyFy Portal published its list of the “40 Greatest Star Trek Episodes of All Time.” From DS9, they chose “The Emissary” and “Take Me Out to the Holosuite.” These were thoughtful reviews, and included some nice comments about Odo and René. Unfortunately, they’re no longer posted on the SyFy Portal website, but if anyone comes across a working link for them, please let us know and we’ll post it here.
  •  Some Kind of Star Trek – Deep Space Nine: Season 2: Creation of the Legend
  • DS9 Season 3 DVD – review
  • DS9 Season 3 DVD – review

 Boston Legal

All about the series, including links to reviews


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